TIE and how to apply for (Brits in Spain)

If you are thinking of applying for residency in Spain, then you need to know the requirements and the procedure. Currently, Brits that are able to prove they were in Spain before 31.12.2020 are able to apply for residency under the old requirements. To show you were here before that date, you will have to provide documents to support your application, such as:

  • Padron certificate
  • Utility bills
  • Rental agreement
  • Work contract
  • Health care registration

You will have to submit these supporting documents along with the other requirements to qualify for registration under the old system, exclusively for citizens from EU member states.

EU citizen’s requirements for residency:

  • Padron certificate from your local town hall
  • Registration of public or private healthcare or S1 for pensioners
  • Sufficient income, demonstrated through a minimum of 3 months bank statements (£5.000 annual or £410 monthly) with an extra £2,700 annual or £290 monthly for any additional family member
  • Work contract showing sufficient income (Working in Spain)
  • Pension entitlement letter (State pensioners only)
  • Application form EX18* (This is only valid for Green residency and not TIE) Form EX23 is the one needed if you are changing from the Green residency to TIE
  • Tax form (Modelo 790) paid at a bank and signed or stamped by the bank
  • Valid passport and colour photocopy of picture page (TIE requires photocopy of every page)
  • 2 passport sized pictures

Previously, EU citizens would receive either an A4 green document or credit card sized green document to prove their right to live in Spain, but from June 2020, British citizens have to apply for a card called TIE under these same requirements (CURRENTLY, this is subject to change after a short transition).

Whether you were previously issued a green certificate or are currently being issued with the new TIE, the first residency certificates are temporary for 5 years. Upon reaching those 5 years, you are required to apply for a permanent one, lasting 10 years and renewable once that time has been reached.

Brits legally registered in Spain before June 2020 and issued with one of the green certificates are NOT required by law to change them to the TIE card as they still prove your rights under the Withdrawal Agreement, although the Spanish authorities strongly advise those who hold the green EU certificates, to change to the TIE at their earliest convenience, as it follows the European model of documentation and explicitly mentions your status as a beneficiary of the withdrawal agreement. This will facilitate administrative formalities and border crossings.

New rules for Brits applying for the TIE without proof of living in Spain before 31.12.2020

Much of the paperwork still applies to proving you right to live in Spain, but the type of application may differ, along with the amount needed to prove income. When applying for the TIE under these circumstances, you would not be automatically allowed to work in Spain, you would need to apply for that specifically.

Documents needed to apply for TIE after BREXIT:

  • Padron certificate from local town hall (some town halls require previous appointments to be made)
  • Entitlement to health care (Public, private or S1 subject to differ depending on independent circumstances)
  • Minimum income of £24,000 annual or £2,000 per month, with an additional £500 per family member.
  • Application form EX20 for new applications
  • Tax form (Modelo 790) paid and signed or stamped at bank
  • Valid passport with all pages photocopied
  • 2 passport sized pictures

The appointments for the TIE differ from those for the previously issued Green certificate, as the TIE appointments are generally split into 2, depending on the type of residency being applied for. It is also now possible to submit most of the documentation online via a registered Gestor instead of making an appointment to attend in person for the first stages of the application. Once you receive your acceptance letter, an in person appointment is required to take the remaining documents and have finger prints taken at your designated foreigners office.

Changes to driving licenses for Brits living in Spain

UK driving licenses can be used for 6 months from date of entry to Spain or the date you obtained your TIE. Those that were here before 30.12.2020, the 6 months starts from the 1st of January 2021.

Once these 6 months have passed, your UK license will no longer be valid in Spain and you will have to do a Spanish driving and theory test (Spanish). Upon passing both, you will automatically be given a provisional license to drive until your physical one arrives.










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