10 advantages of having private medical insurance in Spain

When deciding to live in a new country, it is important to make sure you firstly know what the requirements are to be a resident and also how to make the change more straight forward and easy for yourself. One of the biggest aspects of moving abroad is access to healthcare and one of the most frequently asked questions is: Is it better to have private healthcare over access to public health services? We are lucky here in Spain to have good public health services, but there are also lots of advantages to having private medical insurance, especially for non-Spanish speakers!

You can choose your own doctor or health facility

One of the biggest advantages of having private medical cover is the option to choose a doctor or facility from a huge variety across the country. You are not restricted to using just the GP in your catchment area, where you are on the “Padrón”, but have the option of many different types of doctors to choose from. This is very beneficial to non-Spanish speakers, as private medical facilities have a wide variety of bilingual doctors and on site translators. Additionally, having a list of doctors to choose from allows you to go directly to specialists, cutting out the GP and waiting list to see them. It is as simple and ringing up and making an appointment directly with the doctor or specialist of your choosing.

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Best health centres and hospitals in Spain

A long with having the best doctors in Spain, private medical care also has the best facilities. Private hospitals are more like 5* hotels, with private en-suite rooms, TV, sofas and most even have free WIFI. On top of that, private facilities have state of the art technology, that has revolutionised medical care, and can help recovery times and diagnosis tremendously. You know that when you are under the care of a private hospital or facility, you really are receiving the best care possible.


Alongside having no waiting lists, this also means there is more flexibility in choosing a time and date that suits you, rather than being told when your appointment is and having to fit your life around it. Having the option to choose when suits you is especially important for those who are working or for example those who may not spend the full year in Spain.

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No such thing as waiting lists

One of the most important aspects of private medical care is by far the waiting lists. It is something that we are all familiar with when using the public system, whether that is in Spain or in the UK for example and are aware of how important early diagnosis is for most medical issues. Private health facilities boast the shortest waiting lists, as to put it frankly, they don’t exist. If your closest medical facility can’t fit you in that day or within the same week, you have the option of going to any of the others covered by the health insurance policy you have. This means that as a patient, you don’t have to wait on a list for what could be months or even years for medical attention, but have to option to choose where you would like to be seen and when!

Immediate diagnostic tests

Additionally, without waiting lists, test results can be fast tracked, in most cases you will be sent for additionally testing the same day or within the same week. This, combined with the previously mentioned technology and equipment, can help avoid late- diagnosis, prolonged pain or complications relating to delay of medical attention.

Coverage abroad

Another big advantage of private medical insurance is being covered globally. Most policies offer medical assistance when abroad. The coverage abroad varies from a reimbursement option to general assistance, included in the cost of the policy, which also includes repatriation or transportation, expenses for carers or family members and pharmacy expenses, just to name a few.

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Digital services

Most Health insurance companies also have the added advantage of online video consultations. Video consultations can help those with reduced mobility, or those with illnesses that hinder the ability to travel to a doctor’s appointment. Not only that, but most things can be done via a company’s online platform, like requesting an appointment or tests, any reimbursements for medication and finding the right doctor to suite your needs. This digital revolution has saved patients not just time, but has facilitated the process of accessing the right medical professional to suite your needs.

Additional covers

Most Health insurance policies also come with add-ons at a small additional cost. These include dental coverage, opticians, reimbursement for medications and even an upgrade on doctors list to cover the top hospitals here in Spain. These add-ons, especially dental cover, can be very beneficial and can help complete your health care abroad. When taking out a health insurance policy, please ask about what add-on options are available, as each company have a variety of different ones. Pprivate

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Advantages for self- employed workers

One final example of how you can benefit from private health insurance, is if you are a self-employed worker. Most self-employed workers depend highly on the accumulation of private jobs, which obviously would require you to be fit and healthy to carry them out. Being self- employed you rely mostly also on flexibility, which makes health insurance perfect for both examples listed. The ability to go for frequent health checks, with no waiting lists, and the ability to choose a time and date that suits you, means less time off work. Additionally, most private health insurance companies do special offers for those who are self- employed, with various optional guarantees that will help you spend less time waiting for a doctor and more time dedicated to your work!

Privacy and having someone with you at the hospital

One of the best and most requested advantages of private health care is the ability to have a room to yourself whilst in hospital, with the option of having a friend or family member stay with you. This aspect of private health care really makes a difference to those recovering in hospital, without having to share your personal space with a stranger, at a time where you are feeling vulnerable. Having the option to have guests stay with you can really make a hospital stay that more bearable and ensure you get the emotional support you need.


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